Muslims fast for a month already .. Hari Raya will come by ... I can not wait Hari Lebaran.But,at the same time .. Four companions will taste a different environment of Hari Raya in other countries.. Intan Asmarina for further studies in the medical field in Russia, while diana, diana farah and adha will connect their studies to Egypt in the same field ... I feel happy on the success of my partners .but at the same time, I felt very jealous.. because I can not study in foreign countries .. but why not .. because I might have a chance to be there if I had good results even in the diploma .. MARA will bear me .. so, look foward and have a good perspective to pursue my ambitions.. To all my friend .. who go outside the country, congratulate to you and hope that success there and the most important .. take care and always keep up the prayer… hmmm .. After one week of this Raya, I will face the test subjects account for mid universe, religion, ... and co-curriculum… for English test, essay writing, speech and grammar ... fear surrounds myself this English mid term exam ... My language not smooth and not fluently... may I resilient face ... pray I was successful!

dear astopunks girl,batch 04~08

bile you all nak buat reunion... rindu gler seyh… jom la lepak dulu-dulu .. like bowling, shopping, karaoke, and as it .. korang, x nak ke gtg umah aku raye nie... only friend almost 6 years .. but it's rare come my house when Hari Raya .. hahahhaa ... joke only .. Whatever it’s , I just want to say Selamat Meyambut hari raya .. I apologize if I do have one at all ... hope you may make this raya celebrated with joy ...