Suddenly ,I misses atmosphere in secondary school .So .. I decided to watch videos about SMK Convent Bukit Nanas .For surely, my school was popular with cheerleading ..... so .. I decided to see video of xavier cheereading .. look back when the video .. I laugh when i saw them dancing ..
remembering back when they make during training .However ,really enjoy that time ..
After that ,I saw the video about the marching band competition .Has become a habit when marching band compitition ,SMK Victoria will be the winner for KL and followed by SMK St John .but Smk victoria indeed should win .. Then not surprising when Smk vi won the world maching band in Italy this year ..
Talked back about the school.
Convent Bukit Nanas 11oth years which is the old school, oh obviosly it is a girls school. Most people would think that for sure dorg ni la gedik. Actually not every girls in this school have that kind of attitude. do not want to believe it?. Come on la we are girls we dont act like a boys right people? Plus we dont even cares what others would think, get a life okay!. Surrounding the well are totally different then other school. The best things is, there should be no more cover cover ayu. Yeah its true okay, let me give an example here; we dont even need to go to toilet to change into our PJK outfits , what we do is just close the big doors! There is no boys will pick on you la except for the monkeys. Talk about monkeys, omg believe it or not, they know how to open up the zip(bag). How smart they are right?.so naughty the monkey . The school rules are very strict including the small matter. Let me prove it. Almost everyday one of the dicipline teacher's will stand at the stage while holding the microphone and yelled at us especially Mrs. Nancy. This are her words that is still fresh in my head, 'dear girls, how many times I've did tell you to keep quiet when enter the hall, next time I'll let u stand under the hot sun'. Dah bertaik telinga. and once we Drying be outside the hall for what was then twenty minit.Weather that day so hot.
One time , Pn nancy can not stand our behavior (form 5), so she decided to fine us queue up in front-line hall. not queue up for several days. but for months. madness, but we do not repent .. hahaha .Another one is homework, omg so many! Not just that, checking book I dont have a choice..kena la wat.Well whatever it is I enjoyed stay in CBN and proud to be one of them .. love cbn..


I have finished the examination . So I decided to return home early. Nearly a month, I do not back home ..I crave sleep comfortably, also want to surf the Internet, etc. Actually universal holiday for uitm is starting from 16 th November untill 27 th of december 2009.But I am back early. I can wait for along time.Let we talked about the exam paper, so far I can answer .. but most papers I confidence is the basic principles of Islam, and business mathematics ..
throughout the week I always test at the library .atmosphere in the library quiet and comfortable ..
than is at home .. noisy .. and hot...Very cool atmosphere in the library as well as in the examination hall .Therefore, students be brought sweater

still have time to picture