Don't foolishly wait outside the door
open these door and you'll understand why that is
Love is like the light that has lighten me up
all the miracles happened because of you
repeat: love moves from inch by inch
slowly accumulates into eternality
loving not only with you soul
but also risk your life for just one kiss*
you can't denied you've seen the god of love
when you lose you must summit and accept my protection
your innocence is like the the endanger species
all the mistakes, how can you not take notice
We wish U Oh my baby
We wish U Oh my baby
We wish U Oh my baby
We wish U Oh love my baby
Enter Magic Room, the sun and moon accompanies the stars
the sound of happiness witnessed our beautiful lives
Love is like the light that has lighten me up
All the miracles happened because of you
You can't deny and must admit to your lost
your innocence and all the mistakes
how can you be so unclear
We wish U We wish U
We wish U We wish U
We wish U We wish U
We wish U

minggu ini aku stress sangat..exam nak dekat..dah cuba tenang..tapi entahla..aku x tau nak buat apa lagi..baru final exam..tapi macam nak tercabut kepala.hahahaa..
Believe in your heart that can do that. what can I do? The day of final examination increasingly towards and can be counted with your fingers.The percentage I am ready for the final examination
so far only 80%.Fear is there ..It probably because I have lecturers expect me to get A in the subjects he taught (business in mathematics) it is difficult and more like an additional mathematics.
Not only that, I was dreaming to getting "award dean" .. and to get that award I should get high pointer (3.50 and above) I really hope to get it .. May Allah hear my prayer ..

after taking the time in the library ... me, ziera ,and Farhana find Fatin near the computer lab, we continue to go to times square .. first place we always go is bowling .. atmosphere is very noise when a game started.. as usual we opponents to become the winner ..and the winner is falls to… cik faiznur followed Cik Fatin, hazeirah and Farhana .Fatin said before started the games.. “sape menang kena belanja” . but I do not spend them all because they are rich ... .. huhuhu ..

me n atyn

then we fill the hungry stomach with food near the food court ..we chat a lot about classmates ..when the stomach full .. we run around ts for window shopping .. Ana buy the white hand bag.. during the middle break ,(I, ana n ziera) suddenly, two management of ts came near us .. .. promote fish spa.. after we talk .. we agree to try fish spa .. we invite Fatin to join us... at the first time I enter my leg into water and I feel ticklish ... .. the fish around my legs .. me .fatin and ana try .. ziera not want to ever try and the reason is already tried. ana with fatin was screaming ... because not hold ticklish .. very funny face of their time .. the time allocated only 30 ++ minutes .. when time runs out, we capture the picture at the fish spa store. then I go wash photo shop pictures .. .. 5 o'clock in the afternoon we depart back to the hostel .. hours 6:15 pm we reached the safe destination .. huhuhu ..the memorable day! ..

me,ziera n ana